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2024 Alice B Medal Winners

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Nat Burns (2024 Medal Winner) has devoted her life to poetry, fiction, journalism, editing, and teaching. During the past thirty years, her work has appeared in several dozen varied publications, and she’s published a dozen books with Bella and a few others with Regal Crest and Desert Palm Press. Her interests are eclectic, so the writing encompasses several genres and many forms including speculative fiction and romance. She has won two Virginia Press Association awards and fiction honors from Writer’s Digest, Muse Magazine, Writers in Virginia, The Virginia Writing Club, Piedmont Writing Institute, and Writers of the Future. She has taught journalism and creative writing to youth and adults and served in board roles with the Golden Crown Literary Society, Nelson County Education Foundation, VaNOW, and Literacy Volunteers of America. Nowadays, she writes novels full-time and has a monthly review column in Lesbian News. With her long-time partner, Nat lives in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico, truly The Land of Enchantment.To find out more about Nat and her work at her website.

Carolyn Gage (2024 Medal Winner) is an autistic lesbian playwright, performer, director, and activist. The author of nine anthologies of plays and eighty-eight musicals, dramas, and one-woman shows, she specializes in non-traditional roles for women, especially reclaiming famous lesbians whose stories have been distorted or erased from history. Often her plays center on radical narratives for female survivors of sexual violence. For twenty-two years, Gage toured in the US and Canada in her award-winning, lesbian play, The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, offering performances, workshops, and lectures on lesbian theatre. She has written four volumes of “sermons” for her infamous Lesbian Tent Revivals, published two volumes of monologues and scenes for lesbian actors, as well as Take Stage!, a manual on how to produce and direct a lesbian play. Find out more about Carolyn and her work at her website.

Tracey Richardson (2024 Medal Winner) has worn two hats most of her working life—that of a newspaper journalist and that of a fiction writer. For a few years now, she’s only had to wear the fiction writer’s hat, for which she’s eternally grateful. Tracey is the author of fourteen romance novels published by Bella Books. She is a two-time Lambda Literary Awards finalist as well as a first-place Rainbow Romance winner (Romance Writers of America) for contemporary romance. She is also a Word By Word (short story) second-place recipient and a finalist numerous times for the Golden Crown Literary Society. Tracey has taught fiction writing and is a founding member of a writer’s group in her home city. In her spare time, Tracey enjoys spending time with her wife and dogs as well as activities such as hockey, golf and making cocktails from scratch. And reading of course! Tracey lives in Ontario, Canada. Find out more about Tracey and her work at her publisher's website.

Brey Willows (2024 Medal Winner) is a longtime writer and editor with a passion for literature and the classics. She has published a couple dozen short stories and novels including the Afterlife, Inc. novels and the Memory's Muses series. She writes sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, dystopian, and dabbles in romance periodically under the name Ally McGuire (even though she says she's the least romantic person on the planet). She's also writing mainstream myth retellings under the name JJ Taylor. When she’s not running a social enterprise working with marginalized communities on writing projects, she’s editing other people’s writing or doing her own. She lives in the middle of England with her partner who is also an author and spends entirely too much time exploring castles and ancient ruins while bemoaning the rain. Find out more about Brey and her work at her website.

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