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About the Alice B. Awards Committee

History and Organization
The Awards

Alice B. Toklas, a Guiding Inspiration

Organization: The Alice B. Awards Committee is a mostly anonymous group of lesbians living in southern Arizona and Ohio who are avid readers. The award is made possible by money supplied by an anonymous donor. The donor and the committee share a common goal: to reward and thank writers of lesbian fiction for their contribution to the lesbian community, culture, and identity. We like to think our Medal winners are our “All Time, All-Star” writers.

History: The Alice B. Awards Committee was established originally to encourage submissions of quality manuscripts to a small press and to reward the writers of well-written books. That press went out of business, and subsequently the goal of the group was altered from awarding a prize for a single book to awarding a medal for “Lifetime Achievement.” Winners under the initial guidelines were: Gerri Hill, Nancy Sanra, Aya Walksfar, and Radclyffe. Radclyffe’s award was for that year’s “body of work,” and she was the only one not involved with the original publisher.


The Alice B. Medal: This award is given annually to living writers who have careers distinguished by consistently well-written stories about lesbians. The award is given once, only, in appreciation of career achievement. In addition to the medal, each recipient is given a lapel pin and a gift of a $500.

At least two Medals are given out annually. Selections are made from lists of all-time favorite living authors compiled by the committee members. In order to qualify a writer must have published at least 3 books. Decisions are by consensus. The order of selection for this prize has nothing to do with how the writers are ranked in our hearts and minds.

The Lavender Certificate: This award is given to authors early in their career who, in the committee's opinion, have an outstanding "maiden" novel - or first couple of novels - in print. The award is rather modest in that it is merely a certificate and a gift of $50 which we suggest be used for a celebratory dinner out. We intend this recognition to serve as a token of encouragement for future writing and a note of thanks for a job well done!

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